RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) Application Form

Fill Out Your RPL Recognition of Prior Learning Application Form Today, and Receive the Training Qualification You Need

How many RPL companies in Australia can offer necessary instruments to earn your RPL as quickly as Recognise My Skills can, while maintaining superb customer service and individualized customization when it comes to building your RPL portfolio? Not many. And our company prides itself on its ability to provide our customers with all of the tools and information that are needed to receive your very own certificate or diploma qualification in the field you are pursuing.

Since launching Recognise My Skills in 2011, we’ve made the commitment to helping our customers reach their goals in every possible way that we can while providing RPL solutions and services for applicants that want to recognize their accomplishments, knowledge, and life experiences to translate them into a certificate or diploma qualification. Our RMS team is full of competent and enthusiastic professionals that have the drive and necessary experience in professional education and training to help you. We are here to help you fill out your RPL recognition of prior learning application form and offer you options to complete and attend training in any gaps that are needed to finish your credentials.

We are committed to outstanding customer service and quality structures to help you get your RPL.

It’s true. With our vast knowledge of vocational education and our teams dedicated to help your reach your goals, there is no better company to help you earn your certificate or diploma qualification. We only partner with reputable nationally recognised vocational RTOS. When you apply at Recognise My Skills, we recognise that your time and money are valuable assets. So we will never make you repeat skills training that you have already acquired on the job that you’ve learned over the years.

We will only offer you the training necessary to fill in the gaps that are keeping you from your certification. And if you do need those extra credentials, RMS reaches out to our valuable assessors to help you get the education and experience you need. There is no classroom study required, it’s quick and easy, and you’ll be surprised with how quickly we can get you back into the workforce.

All it takes is filling out our recognition of Prior Learning application form. You start at our website and fill out the application in just a few minutes. There are no registration queues or waiting for in line for an appointment. Our policy is to get online, not in line! You don’t even have to leave the house as long as you have an internet connection, computer or tablet, a scanner, and a phone. You have a guaranteed immediate start with Recognise My Skills because we make it as easy and streamlined as we possibly can for you. Our workforce is full of experienced and innovative RPL experts that cannot wait to help you get started on reaching your goals.

So please, give us a call or shoot us an email. All of our information can be found on our website: http://www.recognisemyskills.com.au/